Sep 30, 2010

Asasi TESL ep 4

hmm since I'd concluded everything in my last CSS journal,I've thought of sharing it here.okay people,enjoy!

"Hello again! Well, seriously, time flies so fast and now, I am in the last week of this semester 1 for Asasi TESL! As I’ve mentioned in my previous journal, everyday is a new day for me. For the past 3 weeks, I’d facing many things especially on assignments and tests, that’s for sure. So, let’s recall back what had happened a few weeks ago...

In Week 11, there are nothing much to say, everything is still under control. The only assignment that we have is mini research for our College Study Skills subject. My partner and I managed to survey and accomplished that. As for test, we have Computer Literacy test. For this test, I read the text book of the subject although it is the thickest book I’d ever have in this course. In this week, Illya, Arif and me, we thought that we should have consultation with some lecturers since we did not really about the assignment that we supposed to do. Therefore, we met Mr Shahruddin regarding our group folio for our Malaysian Studies and Miss Salliza regarding our Educational Product for Computer Literacy subjects.

Week 12 is the busiest week I ever had. Why do I say so? Well, my classmates and I had to face five tests! Plus, we also have to finish our Reading Article assignment for Reading subject. In this week, we have tests for Reading, CTU, Grammar, Malaysian Studies and Listening subjects. Among all the subjects, I think Reading and Grammar tests are quite easy compared to others. As for Malaysian Studies test, I was really thankful to Mr Shahruddin because he shared with us what will come up in the test five minutes before the test! Fortunately, most of the information were correct! Thank you Mr. Shah J. I am satisfied with my listening skill in Listening test. However, I still cannot catch up with some word which makes me a bit frustrated. For Islamic Studies test, the questions are simple but still, I cannot took it for granted. I tried my best to explain everything that I understand during the lecture. On Wednesday, for the first time, Ustazah Mahfuzah scolded our class because most of our presentations were different from what she had told us in Islamic Studies class. Some of my classmates were offended with her but as for me, I think Ustazah was mad at us for our own mistakes. Then, in the evening, all Asasi TESL have to involve in a talk and break fast together. At first, I thought many of my friends would not come. However, I’m surprised and proud to see most of Asasi TESL especially my classmates are attending the programme. I love to see all of Asasi TESL gathered as we hardly to see each other nowadays as everyone was too busy with assignments, test and so many things.

I thought Week 12 is the busiest week I ever had, here. Week 13 is busier compared to Week 12! Although I do not have to face lots of tests like previous week, I still have to sacrifice most of my sleep time to do assignments such as group folio for Malaysian Studies and College Study Skills Final Project presentation. Yes, I admit that I did not have enough sleep lately since my assignments are still incomplete. However, I will think positive by saying ‘never mind, all this will over’ and yes, most of my assignments are done! As for this week, I have Speaking and Writing test. As for speaking test, I don’t know why I was so blank at that moment. I cannot think much and I kept repeating the same point. Although Madam Ruqayyah said that my speaking skill is improving, I am still unsatisfied with my own performance. Perhaps I should read and talk English more often after this. For Writing, I am satisfied with myself as I can write a lot, although I am clueless at first. In this week, we have to present our Final Project presentation, and I am one of the member who in charge about this. Although I am a bit disappointed with one of my group members, I tend to forgive and forget what had happened after the presentation. In this week also, we have one Computer Literacy class at night and we break our fast together at the cafe. There is also in day which some of my classmates invited me and my friends to break our fast at INTEC since it is already 7.00 pm at that moment.

Although I am a bit offended with some of my friends because I thought they didn’t really want to befriend with me, my thought then vanished when they treated me well again! I feel so happy to know that they really accept me as their friends. Since this is the last week before we have our Raya holiday, I really expect this week will be a memorable week for me. Although this week I am a bit misery, at the end, I still have some memories that I will never forget. Lecturers also wishing the best for our Final Exam and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Oh, I will miss my friends, lecturers and all sweet memories. Wishing all the best for all in Final Exam and Selamat Hari Raya Aidlifitri. I love all of them"


to conclude everything in this sem,seriously I have a great friends around me.Thanks to them,I get to know Korean stories & songs better.haha.And many new friends as well.One thing is that,there is one person,we used to talk,until he changed.He's different.I always asked myself,'what makes you changed? You used to smile & laugh a lot and I miss that,u know?'. Now, we rarely talked to each other.hmm.I felt offended by his 'new' attitude.but what makes me happy yesterday,he approached me and said "We haven't talked for such a long time,right?" Although we had a very short conversation,I appreciate that :) At least you're still thinking of me,& that's more than enough for me.

Gamsahabnida :)


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